How to Extricate Chocolate Stains From The Carpet

Chocolate is one item which nobody says no to. And most frequently kids eat chocolate and clean their chocolate smirched hands by rubbing them on the couch or by their clothes. They throw the chocolate wrappers on the carpet and sometimes carpet gets smirched by these wrappers and little crunchy particles of chocolate also leave adverse effects on the carpet fibres. In case you are dealing with these type of stains at your house then you should clean it before the smirch gets accumulate deeply and become stubborn to eliminate.

Carpet Chocolate Stain Removal
Carpet Chocolate Stain Removal

Here are a Few Tips Which Will Help you to Extricate The Chocolate Smirchs From The Carpet:

  • Act Quickly:

    It is absolutely essential for us to act immediately whenever we encounter with chocolate stains because if we neglect cleaning them on time it becomes obstinate and difficult to remove later.

  • Scrape:

    Scraping will help you to remove the stains quickly but in case if the stain is in the form of liquid then it would be good if you rub small ice cubes on the stain. It will help to toughen the stain and then you can resume with the scraping process using a knife.

  • Look For Material:

    Look for what type of carpet have laid down in your home. Because every carpet has some indications of how to clean them. And if you get confused between what to do then ask for professional help.

  • Check The Carpet:

    Preceding to accurate cleaning, you have to examine if the carpet would bleach or not with the Carpet Stain Removal method you are plotting to apply.

  • Use Alcohol and Cloth Method:

    There is another one effective way to clean the carpet by pouring alcohol on the stained area and to soak it by using a cloth.

  1. You can go for the detergent option as well. And you can also go for Hot water extraction method as well.
  2. Dry the area to eliminate excess liquids.
  3. Repeat the method continuously until the affected area is wholly clean.
  4. Clean by sprinkling water then absorb.
  5. Use a clean cloth to dry the area.
Carpet Steam Cleaner
Carpet Steam Cleaner

Hire The Professionals

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