Guide For Mattress Oil Stain Removal.

Mattress adds comfort and coziness in our relaxation and daily sleep. We need to take a proper care of the mattress to maintain its quality and life and avoid any damage. Most mattresses are easy to clean and require less hard work to maintain but some mattresses can face a lot of staining problems. Stains on the mattress is not only limited to food or coffee spills but sometimes oils can also make its way through the mattress. All greasy things like olive oil moisturizing lotion, hair oil spillings can lead to a black ugly looking stain. Oil stains on a mattress can create problems by working as a dirt magnet. Oil stains if ignored can create permanent damage to your mattress. Follow this simple guide in order to complete the task of Mattress Oil Stain Removal.

Mattress Oil Stain Removal
Mattress Oil Stain Removal

Things You Need To Start With:

  • Spare Clothes or cleaning papers.
  • Liquid soap or detergent.
  • CornStarch powder.
  • Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Clean Water.

Steps for Mattress Oil Stain Removal:

  • Step 1: To get rid of old and stubborn oil stains you should first freshen the stain by pouring some glycerine. Spread the glycerine evenly on the oil stain and let it add liquidity to the old stain.
  • Step 2: Dab the stain with a blotting paper firmly to make sure you absorb as much as glycerine as possible. Repeat dabbing till all the excess of glycerine is absorbed and the stain is oil free.
  • Step 3: Although extra glycerine is removed from the stain, it is still wet by oil, so use some cornstarch and pour it over the oil stain. Sprinkle enough amount of cornstarch and make sure it covers the stain completely. Leave the starch powder on the stain for an hour or two depending upon the intensity of the oil stain.
  • Step 4: After an hour has passed bring your vacuum cleaner and attach an upholstery hose. Clean the stain and remove all the cornstarch present by the vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum for complete Mattress Cleaning and remove all the dirt and starch left.
  • Step 5: After the Mattress Cleaning, use a wet cloth rinsed in detergent water to rub the oil stain and wash it away completely. Rub the stain repeatedly with the cloth to get rid of dirt trapped.
  • Step 6: Use two towels to dry up the stain on the mattress. Press the towel above and below of the mattress and press firmly. Keep pressing to absorb the water and detergent left in the mattress. Leave the mattress to dry naturally.
Mattress Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning

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